Reblog – Why you must remove negative people from your life

I saw this on another blog site – I don’t know if I have done this correctly however open to advice and comments if I haven’t.

 Loved the video included on the post! So good anyhooooo check it out if you need some inspiration – I did and am now highly motivated and back on purpose

Why You Must Remove Negative People “Birds of a feather flock together” In this incredible clip, world renowned speaker Les Brown dissects negativity and how other people’s, infect you. This is a thought provoking psychological analysis and a worthy watch for those seeking to grow beyond their current level. inspiration, politics, question, art, education, health, Nature, people, tech, wordpress, spirit, Writing, space, Marketing, Feminism, Society, Motivation, technology, violence, science, Life, news, economics, ideas, Environment, advertising, school, business, teaching, food, happy, journalism, religion, humor, work, women, Creativity, humanity, dreams, history, internet, opinion, islam, books

2 thoughts on “Reblog – Why you must remove negative people from your life

  1. I saw this piece, and very inspiring. You and I are kindred spirits. When I read your pieces, I hear my voice. We must chat soon. In this universe there are no accidents, but intentional and life changing encounters.

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