The Third Wish can come true for ANYONE

I posed a question earlier this morning (or evening depending on where you are in the world) in another post The Third Wish.

What would your third wish would be when – as the fairytales tells us – we are given three wishes by someone who has the power to grant them?

I don’t know why they settled on three  in the fables but it is a good number.

I may go all motivational speaker on you in a moment but the thing is I am motivated by this concept because when The thought slid into my mind this morning – I tossed it around for awhile and came up with my third wish. Number one and two are easy.

Everyone usually has an Alpha and a Beta wish that spring to mind but the Gamma wish – the third wish can be the one that is interesting because it is usually something we can achieve ourselves – for ourselves – if we just know what that is.

And I am assuming a lot here on what those first two wishes would be -that they would be the ones that you felt were completely out of your control to deliver.

World Peace? Hmm tricky – definitely leave that up to the Genie.

Instant Riches? Well rarely is it an overnight thing – if you need that moolah in your account pronto – this is the way to get it. But beware as I write this post there is a guy petitioning me on Twitter to go read his book called The Lottery Curse or some such things. Plenty of people are rich but the wealth doesn’t make them happy so…they blew their wish – literally.

Perhaps instead it is the request to evade death. Eternal Life – this doesn’t work out that well – watch the movies, read the books. Perhaps you want to take another look at that wish. Still – eternal life is certainly an alpha or beta wish and not something you can ever achieve without a Genie or a deep belief in religion. Drinking endless green smoothies and avoiding anything that tastes nice will not guarantee eternal lifefor you. It is certainly a first or second wish.

But the third wish – that’s the interesting one. It is very important to know what your third wish is because often it is about your life path and aspirations. Things that we can achieve ourselves with some hard work and persistence. A good way to find it is to ask what you would give up in order to achieve it.

This really narrows the whole thing down because when you have to lose in order to gain – which is often the case with life – it makes you realise the worth of things.

If you truly want something you may have to lose sleep, lose weight, lose time that you would usually spend on social media or some other frivolous thing. You may even have to stack everything you think is important in one corner and walk across the other side of the scales in order to achieve your third wish – but you can get there – if you can make difficult choices and work hard.

The more you know the worth of your third wish. The greater your chances of recognising the path to it whilst stumbling around in the woods. Eventually – if you follow that path – you will achieve your third wish.


So why ask the Genie? Just buckle down and work.

But it isn’t that simple. Usually we don’t even truly know what our life path is. Hence the plethora of books that claim to help you find it.

And when we do? Well we might lack faith in ourselves or we lack persistence time, opportunity – the excuses go on and perhaps it is just a combination of all of these things. The third wish, the path to it – remains elusive or seems to hard. We are lazy. 

So if given the opportunity – we hand this special thing to a Genie and boom – he helps us out – no further work required. Relax all taken care of and I completely understand it. 

Still – it is a waste of a wish. You could have got there yourself and it would have been more satisfying. More real and, lets face it – the Genie is not coming. No matter how many times you empty that bottle of wine or jar of pills – there is no Genie in the bottom of it. You have to sort this out yourself and you have to do it fast because it is important to know exactly what it is you want and be specific.

We have all seen how that goes wrong in fairytales – when people aren’t specific and they don’t think their wishes through. Chaos. Calamity. Regret.

Missed opportunity is the most common result in real life. If you don’t know what it is you specifically want in that third wish then you will miss opportunities when they present themselves.

Life presents us with these openings to make that third wish come true all the time. It presents us with people, circumstances – things that we can take advantage of if we only know what our third wish is and are sure of it and ourselves enough to jump – to leap through that window before it closes. And it does close. Sometimes frighteningly fast.

Windows of opportunity close.

People who don’t know their third wish miss out,

or get their fingers jammed!

Find out what your third wish is. Find out what you want more than anything in life and walk around in that wish for awhile in your head. Look at it from every angle. See it forwards and backwards. Know your third wish.

Because your third wish is something you can do yourself – you don’t need a Genie and that is exciting.

You just need faith in yourself.

Knowledge of yourself.

And a wish.

😘 good luck ☝️️✌️️🌟👌❤️️



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  1. I love this post! That sure is a tough question. I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it for quite some time. Looking forward to reading more. I found your blog on the Dream Big Dream Often post about networking. Our sites were mentioned in the same blog.

    • Also EastCoast a couple of things about your blog – the content is great but I can’t see a spot to comment and you are not adding tags or categories that I can see. You should definitely do that.
      Tags make it easy for people to search your content.
      Categories (all yours are just uncategorised whereas you should have at least have a couple like Non Fiction or Fiction or Short Stories something like that – particularly if you do a couple of things) I have about ten because I have a lot of different things that I post about including photography etc.
      The comment section though is really important as it allows lots of contact and info back and forth and is just the best part. It lets you know how people are reacting to your writing.
      So add that. It will be in themes and add widgets I think. I’m pretty new myself. “)

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you so so much for that feedback! I have very little idea what I’m actually doing and can’t tell you how helpful that is. I will go fix it now…With the help of the wordpress support chat people. Hahah!

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