Regret is a Witch but not a Why

There is a part in all of us that we don’t like.

Words spring from there at times

And seem to belong to someone else.

Alas they are our own

Aghast we watch them roll off our tongue

Seemingly unable to prevent their blooming

into the world

So we regret!

And lament

Cogitate and ferment

And wish it wasn’t so

Or hadn’t been


Perhaps instead of regret

a better use of our time

would be to reflect

on why and where they come from

these words

What is it that makes us react

in such a fashion

as to be

regretful later

You see

Anything that comes from us

is authentic

whether we wish it to be or not

one must own everything

in its totality

there is no part that you can say

“oh well that is not really me”

It was

So it is

And you said that

and this

even if it was not what you wished

or say you intended

you said it

so there must have been a reason

and it is on this that you must reflect


You cannot blame another

you cannot


this was their fault

or his or hers or even it’s

“It was..”


The wine

Or the full moon

or a mood

because it came from you

and you always have a choice

as to what you do

and say

and how you behave


And it is no good getting stuck

in the rut

of a whirlpool of regret

instead as I said

you must reflect

Regret changes nothing

even if you declare it to be so

“from this day forward I will –

I will most certainly not!





because without the learning

you will simply regret forever

Reflection changes everything

because it will tell you

the why

and without the why

you cannot begin to try

to become

a better person




And so this is a little ho hum I put to paper this morning whilst a whisper of regret was circling my head. Regret is a witch.  A witch on her broomstick. Round and round she goes – cackling.  I needed something to knock her out of the sky – make her land on her arse and be quiet.

I found it in reflection.

There is something powerful  in choosing to accept, to own and to enquire into the why? To do it kindly and calmly as would a very good parent counsel a child. Your inner child. What have you been up to and why? Lets take a look at this my darling (and this is how you talk to yourself not in that nasty witchy waspish voice but in the gentle one). Be compassionate with yourself when you reflect.

We are all human. This is an affliction which we all share. To regret is one of the greatest common thought threads woven throughout history and continuing in perpetuation into the future. Surely.

Yet reflection is the key to change. Reflection is the key to growth. Reflection is the only path to becoming the person that you wish to be.

So reflect.

Not regret.

And that is my lesson to myself today, perhaps you need it as well.

 Knock your witches out of the sky. Bring them down to earth. Walk with them awhile. Then walk away from them.










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