Rise Sister Rise

A beautiful book by Rebecca Campbell

I have just finished reading this lovely inspiring book by Rebecca Campbell and can highly recommend it to all the female creatives out there together with the males that support them.

It fell off the shelf at the book shop that I visited this week and I took that as a sign that it was intended for me. Have to admit I thought perhaps it wasn’t for the first couple of chapters but then it sort of grew on me and in the end I couldn’t put it down. Just gorgeous and written with a full heart and beautiful spirit. 

So many of the things that Rebecca speaks about are things that I am encountering in my own life right now. 

Her words and way of writing at first may appear a little different (if you aren’t into spiritual speak)  but if you keep going you will find a wealth of information and inspiration for your personal creative journey. 

I found it empowering. I think most females would.

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