Some say I think too much
What would they know 

In the dark quiet hours

When the stars shine

And I’m sitting


Thoughts together

And the words come hovering 

Like butterflies

To settle

Perch upon my


How would someone who has never

Played with words

Never heard

Them whisper







Like wild mice


So loudly that I wonder

Sometimes that no one hears them

Except us

Myself and the poet

The writer

And me

All three

As we sit and enjoy the syllabic sinuous symphony

The turn of phrase

The hum and whir 

Of words

As they write what they write

And think

Whatever they like

And I like what they think too

Though it hasn’t got much to do with me by then 

I’m just the peanut tapping on the keyboard

Letting them all in

Held in thrall

As the muse turns the page

And we all



And take notes

Lots of notes 


The header photo was taken at Lake Maraboon on a bike ride early 2016. Taken with Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone. 

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      • I’m so sorry Claire I only just saw this comment – have no idea what Wpress is doing to me but missed it in my notifications. No I don’t perform them but what s fun idea – I love your spoken word ones – have to have a think about it 🙂

      • No worries – I find I get a notification when someone likes my comments but not when they reply – I often only see them via the wordpress notification window in the top right… Good luck whatever you decide ! 🙂

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