Inspiration is Transformative

I watched two powerful movies on FMTV yesterday.

This is why I love the Food Matters Community – it is such an inspirational support device that covers a broad spectrum of what anyone needs on each individual journey to health.

The first was “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and what I took away from it was not only what an amazing transformation that an individual can bring about in their own body by choosing a path to health but also how that one individuals passion and transformation can change others.

What we do and who we are in life has a knock on effect for everyone around us. It can be positive or negative. It can also be highly inspirational and life changing. How wonderful it would be to not only bring about transformation with in ourselves but also in doing so become a catalyst for the same in others.

Amazing movie.

The second movie was “May I be Frank”. Again a factual documentary of one mans journey to health. The trailer is below.

Frank is largely carried and supported on his journey by three young men. Franks transformation is nothing short of stunning and it is humbling to watch such love and support that he is freely given throughout his journey.

Frank has Hep C and a lifetime of drug use and terrible dietary choices. He is between 50 and 60 (can’t remember) years old – if he can change and change so astoundingly in only 47 days – anyone can.

What I took away from the movie  (and you may too) but I won’t tell you why – you have to watch it –  is this – our health is up to each of us as an individual. You cannot blame the past, the people around your or your environment or situation. Everyone once given the true keys to health has no excuses other than they either choose life and a better way of living or they choose death.

Which sounds dramatic but it’s true.

What I took away from both films combined is that in the first the individual was self motivated and self propelled – his journey to transformation was much smoother than Franks because Frank had largely handed over the reins to the three you men – yes he was going through some confronting (but funny for us) things such as colonic irrigation and drinking foul tasting concoctions but in the end he was largely led.

This had a slightly different outcome for him. In the end (and I don’t want to give it away) he finally took control of his own journey and then he reaped the full rewards of doing so.

But he wasn’t  able to until he took control of his journey and his health. This is the link to the FMTV community.
And this is the link to the Food Matters Community so you can start a free 10 day trial.

There is also an app from the ITunes Store you can download and I find the content is easier to load from the app. Once you have your login you’re good to go.

They are really all the same thing and once you join Food Matters you have access to everything.

For the record I have no affiliation with Food Matters I am just finding it incredibly inspirational and supportive. Now that I have a blog I can then share this with others.

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