Health matters – A Reminder

A short post today and mainly in pictures but had to share a couple of things on health that are making a huge difference in my life right now.

I’ve always been food conscious but because of the busyness of my life of late – the last six months or so  I had slipped off the rails.

Then I went to the coast last week and had the entire time to myself.

What a difference a bit of solitude and introspection makes.

Each day I would walk down to the local  vegan raw food cafe and have one of these:

Medicine Man Juice

This amazing Juice is made with organic sweet carrots and Turmeric (known for its anti inflammatory properties).

Everyone in the cafe is vibrant with healthy energy. The way I feel when I am in a healthy place and juicing and eating well. Just being around these people made me feel better without even eating their beautiful food. How could I have forgotten how good eating well and properly makes me feel?

But I had or rather I had been distracted by other projects and so other things took precedence over health in my life. When this happens I forget how important it is to feel and look great. This wonderful food reminded me. 

How cute is this French Bulldog puppy – blatant insert hat has nothing to do with the story other than he also attended the same cafe ❤️️👌

Over the course of the week I pulled myself back on track by eating large raw salads full of vibrant organic greens and a rainbow of other colours.

I read a couple of great books on the Mind Gut connection and how important it is. Highly recommend as mind blowingly good information. If you suffer from any mental issues at all it may surprise you to find how much these afflictions can be healed by simply changing the way you eat. 

Mind Gut Connection Emerson Mayer MD and Heal Your Gut by Lee Holmes

I also spoke at length with one of waitresses (my favourite because she always wore a huge smile) she put me onto Food Matters. Which I have now joined for that all important community support and fresh information and recipes. There is also a  FMTV channel which you have access to as part of your subscription – again highly recommended. FMTV is much better then Netflicks and just as addictive.

You can find Food Matters on all social media as well as at their website

Since returning home I am trying to keep the health and food love going – always a challenge in amongst everything else. My inspiration now is how I feel. I want to feel awesome on a daily basis – which is why food matters – so much.

Lastly here is a little Inspro to myself and you

My juice this morning: organic beetroot celery spiralina SCSI powder ginger lime lemon and a green apple – tasted amazing and injected instant energy.

Beetroot celery acai berry green apple ginger lime lemon juice

My snacks have changed as well – two different types of cacao chocolate bark made with cacao powder coconut oil raw honey and a variety of thrown in bits and pieces of goodness. It tastes better than chocolate and every bite is nourishing your body rather than inflaming and sickening it.

Cacao goji berry and chia seed bark and Cacao chia seed and pecan chocolate bark

I also found a terrific natural nutrition shop while I was away and picked up some highly potent curcumin capsules, Macca capsules and Vitamin B12 spray. 

As a vegetarian who is more often vegan in diet I have to keep on top of the B12. The Macca is a radical natural balancer of hormones and gives steady energy throughout the day.  The curcumin not only helps with inflammation – it helps curb unhealthy cravings. Oh and don’t forget the super greens and Apple Cider vinegar. 

My whole family is eating better as well since my return which also is a powerful incentive to me. The boys and my husband might not be into everything that I eat but like those waitresses at the cafe I know when I am eating well and radiating health so I provide inspiration to them. Plus as the buyer and preparer of food they automatically eat a richer healthier  diet. 

Back on track! Yay. Hope I haven’t confused you.

This stuff is easy for me to do because in the past I have eaten this way for extended periods of time. I know my ingredients and work arounds and love the food and lifestyle. 

It was just a case of remembering how good it feels to eat an abundant healthy diet. Don’t worry I will not be turning this into a foodie blog there are so many of those out there and good ones.

I am merely pointing the direction to starting a journey into it for any of my blog cohorts who are interested in feeling amazing and may not have had a previous interest in this sort of thing so have no starting pointers  or just like me perhaps you needed a reminder to get back to living well.

Got to go revved up on energy and heaps to do. Over and out and have a fantastic day ❤️️❤️️👌

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