Reversing Diabetes in Thirty Days

This post is for the people that I see every day in the supermarket who are buying food with no clue of what they are putting in their bodies. They must have (no clue) or why would their trolleys be loaded high with white bread and processed food. 

This video is for the lady that as soon as I started talking about it at Writers Group immediately wanted to watch it because she has diabetes.

My father had diabetes. His mother had diabetes.  There are many out there that do. Diabetes  is the scourge of the modern age. It is being labelled incurable but treatable by most mainstream doctors and health practitioners.

They are wrong.

Food is the poison.

Food is the cure.

The video (below)  is an inspiring look into the lives of people who are a variety of ages and body types who share the common curse that is Diabetes – most have Type 2, one young man has Type 1.

They are the proof that diabetes is not only curable it is also preventable.

 I don’t know if, even after given all this information, my father would have changed his diet. I suspect not – there are a great many people that would prefer a pill and a shot and their favourite food alongside.

However there are many that are truly sick and tired of injecting themselves and, if given this sort of information, would make all the changes necessary to ensure that they were cured of this dreadful disease.

This video (which is also part of the FMTV range) is for the people that would like access to this sort of life changing information. “Reversing Diabetes in 30 days”  Click on the link to watch.


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