Finding It

The man fishing line bowed in the wind

Eyebrows furrowed

Silly grin 

He’s caught it!

I smile at him

The dog running ball in mouth

The owner who throws 

Then calls out

But the dog doesn’t listen

Because he knows

Why the waves wink and glisten

He doesn’t miss it

The couple walking talking 

they don’t know 

The child chasing a crab sandy fingers outstretched 

Don’t – ouch!

Well now she knows


The old man pondering

The lady wandering

The kite flyer

The board rider

This sand dune marking the passage of my path

Making the shape of 

my arse on the ground

Where I sit to write this

Though I didn’t know what “it”


Or had forgotten

The grasses waving

Caught me at last

Or at least they caught my attention

As I was about to pass

And keep passing

Then didn’t 

Then I knew

They all said it 

Though they didn’t know 

It was in their eyes

and in their aromas

Left on the wind

Expensive perfume from Paris

Sniff it in







Said it to me

So I’ll spread it to you 

Because this day

Won’t come again

Oh another one might

That looks a lot like it

It’ll pass on by

But the people in it

This particular mix



Of suntan and ice cream

Looks like it

But it’s not

That’s another day

And when it comes

This one is gone

And won’t be back

So sit for a moment

Sit in it

So far in it you can’t be moved

And let it move you instead 

That realisation

That it won’t come again

And neither will you

If you don’t mark your place

Within IT

Movie clip by me. 

Song credit Cindy Lauper “True Colours”

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