Everyday People

Remaining silent


What a challenge

One I have been facing

And largely failing 

Since birth

Or rather since I learnt 


And words

How to use them

It was my Mother who preached

Turn the other cheek

She got it from that pacifist


Later I would respect other leaders

Like Gandhi

Who sat hard and deep in his practice

And wielded great power

Yet it is so hard to do

Keeping the lip buttoned 

When confronted

With someone who is behaving badly

Towards you

Or another

To not lash out 

Put them firmly in their place

Or whatever that place is 

You think they should go

Yet it is arrogant to assume

That you know where they should go

Who are you to direct? 

Instead respect that they are on their own path and disown 

The need to intervene


Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone

Another Jesus quote

Such an ordinary bloke

But filled with great wisdom

He did not react

He acted 

And there is a great difference as some

never act yet call it an action 

And yours an over reaction

And they’re wrong

They run cool


Apathetic and weary

They shrug

Turn a blind eye

Whistle at the sky

With their pocket 

Shoved hands

Say nothing

Do nothing

Be nothing

Yet they will scoff

Scornfully cough

“Oh my”

Roll their eyes

Cold weak flopping sighing


From this one to that

Underneath they are powerless because they lack

Self esteem

Or esteem of any kind

they remain blind

And lifeless

Gandhi was not like this

He was a pacifist activist

And no the two are not 

Opposing philosophies 

One can be both 

Or so I believe


His rage was mighty

He pulled people to him like a magnet

Because he was righteous

Not selfish or pious

Just right

And powerfully so

Jesus was so legendary 

That the book about his life is still on bestseller lists today

Yet he wandered in the every day folk and they followed him 

Then crucified him

Which is what you get I suppose

For walking with everyday folk

Instead of on your own

But he did try 

And God gave him credit for it

As do I 

Greatly seriously lovingly

Buddha famously walked away

And sat under a tree

Sat under a tree

Until he gained enlightenment

Because he knew he would not find it

Living amongst the




Don’t matter

Of the everyday people

So he awoke

Before he returned

Good call

Buddha Gandhi and Jesus 

Were not cold people

They were passionate people

Who fought and sought

For self control 

For justice and love

To rise above themselves

They must have 

Because their teachings make clear

They understood the struggles 

Of everyday people
They were everyday people

Which is why we find them so inspiring 

The reason they are so famous is because they made it

Attained it

Because humans rarely obtain such enlightenment

Whilst tangling with the ordinary minds

Of the everyday folk

This is not supercilious 

Certainly not wise or judicious 

I’m just venting a little spleen





So I don’t shout

And my goodness gracious me

A little typed spleen

Can wear one out

And empty

The urge to rip someone’s world apart

Because they are being utterly ridiculous

Cruel or mean or vicious

As only ordinary folk can be

But God didn’t leave them to me

He left them to Karma

Thankfully ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve just got to be me

And struggle

To be a better me everyday 

Living amongst everyday people
I do so love using writing as a vehicle for my emotions

To explain things to myself 

Sometimes to post

Sometimes to keep just for me

And sometimes to write

Then crumple


And let go

and I think all three

Buddha Jesus and Gandhi

Would have written a few rants in their time ๐Ÿ˜‰

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