Songs of a War Boy – A Timely and Important Book


Reading and reflection – time out of the real world.

This book (pictured above) is the deeply moving story of Deng Thiak Adut written in collaboration with Ben McKelvey.

Perhaps you recognise Dengs face.  His compelling portrait  (by Nick Stathopoulos) was part of the 2016 Archibald prize line up. 

Deng Thiak Adut – Lawyer, Author and former child soldier

The story of Dengs life is almost unimaginable to a white Australian living in the relative peace and comfort of a stable profitable country lolling about on holidays.

Deng was a child when he was forcibly taken from his family at age 6 and forced into becoming a soldier. 

It is an important and timely book for all Australians (if not the world in general) as affluent and peaceful nations grapple to cope with the millions of people displaced by wars and dislocation not of their own choosing and out of their control.

When Deng speaks of tribalism, apathy and dogmatism being some of his most hated human characteristics it resonates deeply with my own thoughts.

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  1. I never understood the horrors of war to the degree which this book presents. A powerful story filled with hope. This book shows the spirit that when a man seeks what he knows to be right and for the good of all, anything is possible.

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