Fight like a girl but think like a woman

It’s holidays – I’m reading more than writing. I read this book in one great big five hour feast which left me so fired up that I had to take a long walk to think, I’m still thinking.

I had never heard of Clementine Ford although a quick search around the internet soon had me sheepish in my ignorance. 

Such a strong passionate writer. I didn’t agree with every thing that she said at first and my notes half way through reflect that (I always take notes on books that provoke me to think and this one provoked me like no other I have read of late).

Half way through is not the place to stop with this book.

This book will challenge you as a woman let alone as a man. As a man it may aggravate you beyond measure.

Reaction always says more about the person reacting then it does about the cause. In this case I think it would say much about society in general.

If you begin, I would urge – read this book all the way to the end. Then pass judgement. It may take some time – it may take seconds.

I don’t particularly care to know what you make of it because it is obviously a fiercely devisive topic and I’m not prone to arguing and debating. 

Females argue with females over feminism let alone males. I don’t argue, I reach my own conclusions and leave the arguing to others.

I made up my mind on this book probably only in the last couple of chapters – like a bread that is being cooked in an oven of ferment – these last pages are when Clementine brings it home and the smell of fresh baked feminist became apparent.

I’ve always been a humanist who tries to see all sides of a story and felt slightly off kilter describing myself as a feminist before because it seemed to be a one sided argument.

I’m a reasonable person. I like to look at things from every angle.

Yes I’m angry and hurt about how the world perceives and treats females but I’m also agrieved by how the world treats the environment, racism, greed,animal welfare,  poverty, war…the list goes on.

Clementines book had the effect of rearranging my priorities and bumping feminism up the list. 

This is a great book and Clementine is a wonderful writer. 

6 thoughts on “Fight like a girl but think like a woman

    • I have Claire – by Caitlin Moran? It was the first feminist novel I read and I found it really funny and real and inspiring. Clementines book is more powerful. You can feel her rage and at first I thought at times it was a little bit too much, by the end of the book though I was fully engaged, she makes so many very good points and is such a great writer. You will love it if you loved How to be a Woman👌✨🌸

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