A change of atmosphere can work wonders

We went up to the hinterland again this morning. I love it up there.

My husband and I went earlier in the week to a little town full of art galleries and unique artisan shops – it was my cup of tea – literally as it turned out as there was a tea shop with over 700 kinds of tea. 

I bought a variety of Earl Grey in the end because I was overwhelmed by choice – then spent the whole way home wishing I had been more adventurous and bought the Turkish delight flavour  or any one of a dozen others. I’m like a deer in the headlights when faced with too much choice 😳 

The trip had been an anomaly to our usual routine.

Our family holidays are always spent together at the beach. Rarely do we deviate from that plan apart from shopping trips to bigger centres. 

We hadn’t really ventured into the hinterland much before this holiday and it has now become my new favourite thing to do.

In energy terms the beach is very yang (Chinese term for male energy) hot bright loud crashing. I love it but it also becomes wearing after while, something I wasn’t aware of before.

Shopping centres are even worse with their congested car parks and masses of people all talking and moving against and around me.

I hate crowds, they stress me out. 

The other day we went shopping and got stuck in a traffic jam at the top of the car park for about 20 minutes – I could feel the corners of my mind caving in. 

Due to being in a beachside unit, we have also been living in very close proximity (we usually spread out more) to each other – perhaps I craved some Yin energy because of all that male Yangidang.
Whatever the case, this morning I was off to Kondalilla falls no matter what, although I was quite surprised when my youngest son and husband came along as well.

Before we started out, nerves were frayed and there was bickering in the front seat. 

I wasn’t looking forward to walking with my husband who was already annoying the hell out of me.

 I hear tell there are marriages where spouses don’t argue and live blissfully ever after – that is not us. 

We have very different likes and dislikes and one of my husbands greatest dislikes is bushwalking – something which he was bringing up frequently to which my thoughts were “why on earth did you come then?”. 


Carparking taken care of we began the descent into the forest. 

The first thing I noticed was the air. Cool and clear and smelling of fresh damp leaves.

The forest enveloped us in silence and peace – it was almost like walking into an empty cathedral  – but much better. 

It was a fairly long walk – not for me but for the two males who rarely walk just for the sake of walking. 

With outside active jobs the last thing they want to do is walk more and just for fun.

I had expected further whining and grumbling instead the complete opposite was true. Everyone relaxed and enjoyed the change in scenery. 

We emerged an hour or so later as friends and loving family again with not a snarky remark amongst us.

All because we took a walk in a forest.

I guess sometimes all that is needed is a change of atmosphere and energies.

I have been tuning into the energy of places, people and things more frequently this last twelve months.

Instead of blaming myself for certain reactions,  I have been enquiring instead into the sources of tension, conflict, low energy, despondent moods and then wherever possible changing routines, consumption and habits that cause me to have the reaction in the first place.

Taking responsibility for removing myself from places, spaces, things, food,  and people that are jarring, over stimulating or toxic has made all the difference to my life – it’s something I want to continue working on in 2017. 

It isn’t always possible to avoid the troubling trigger, we live in a world of connection after all,  however just knowing what the source is to my disturbance makes the reaction instantly controllable. 

It is like blaming yourself for getting hives all the time without realising that you are just allergic to a certain substance.

Fathoming things out like this has led to far fewer outbreaks of hives (emotional reactions) which is nice.

Anyway here are some pics from this mornings walk. 

The two gentlemen in the photos are my youngest son and husband – like I said they don’t do bushwalking so thongs were the order of the day and they worked fine. 

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