Better Than

It’s all relative isn’t that true?
From the woman who wants to be as skinny as you

And you’re dieting madly
Beating yourself up
The teenager who is searching for more likes
Whilst her peer is hanging herself in the night
Because she didn’t have enough of anything
She is empty
Another is running at 98% 
But stares at the two
Percent gap
Like it is Mecca
Yet unattainable
It is certainly not sustainable
To be living and wanting like this
The shopping centres are packed
with people who clutch plastic bags
full of nothing
That will make them happy long term
Though it may supply a temporary hit
The wanting kicks in
There is a simple solution
Another path
That is not found on Google
and Google can’t find it
For it lives down deep inside us
where the internet cannot peer and probe
it is our original home
and when we look around
Take a deep breath
everything in here is quite comfortable
thanks very much
I think I’ll just stay here awhile
Meditation is much
better than 
contemplating the gap
between good enough
and where I could be 
Better than.

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