Boss Lady 

You tell me this

You tell me that

You tell me what we will eat

What we will not

That this will make us fat



You tell me that this is going out

and I can’t do this

But I can do that

That this is how things will be

in the new year

Giving up

Giving up

I give up

Hang on

wasn’t that last year?

Changed our mind

Have we?



We can’t do this


Heaven forbid!

Only raw

I don’t like raw

Eat up it’s good for you

More veges?

No thanks, I wonder if I couldn’t just have a steak?

For heaven’s sake! Do you know a cow died for you

just so you

could have…


never mind

And don’t eat that either!

Or that!


Look it says so here


Put that back

Didn’t you tell me last month that…

Shut up!

Listen old girl such fun!

We are running 5km every day for February

But it’s summer and 45 degrees!

Have to get up early then won’t we 😉

Or so

you  tell me

tell me

tell me

And I’m not listening anymore

Because somewhere in that trucks

exhaust roar past my ear

and the skid of gravel

and the feeling of my heart beating



falling out of my chest

Reality came calling

Rose from her bed

And this is what she said

“Do whatever the fuck you want.”

So I am

Because it’s just me in here

After all



Isn’t it?

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