Spoken Word collaboration

REBLOG: Well this is exciting. My first spoken-word-poetry collaboration! I came across Kate Duff’s poems through the blogosphere a while ago and they really resonated with me. I approached her about doing…

Source: Spoken Word collaboration

A note from me (athousandbitsofpaper.com) I enjoyed working with Claire so much on this – you can find Claire’s other spoken word poetry on the sound hound link above and her blog is a wonderful insight into a writers life abroad. I love Claire’s voice, my miserable attempts at spoken word poetry recordings are embarrassing but hers have such presence and depth as I’m sure you will find when you go check her site out.

It has taken me a little while to share this as I couldn’t work out how to do so off my phone (which I predominately use for blogging and reading) My wifi on the Mac is now fixed so harar (I have no idea how to spell hirragh – harragh – hirrrragggh – nope that isn’t it either – sorry forget it) anyway I was able to do so today so here it is.

Thanks again Claire.

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