Queue the Stress Bitches

Here you come a creeping Tightening bands around my head Flowing down my shoulders Restricting Constricting Ravaging My chest And there I go sending Sending you away Breathing deep And dusting all your clingy fingers away The tendrils still crawl towards me But I stamp upon their fronds I’m aware that you’re a channel Switch […]

The apologist

Sorry Sorry Yes please! Please Sorry Sorry Thankyou Thankyou so much! Oh sorry Excuse me Sorry Oh thanks Thanks so much Bye A woman ordering a blueberry muffin  The server doesn’t hear her Such is the smallness of her voice So she apologises Apologises for her existence Her mistake Like it is a true error […]

When the words are lazy

Some days The stories come to nothing Worries pile up Thoughts spin And the whole business of living seems to be rusting quietly deteriorating silently striating pieces of my mind like they might mean something but they don’t They really don’t Nothing seems to be contained built up into something of worth At least when […]