The apologist



Yes please!





Thankyou so much!

Oh sorry

Excuse me


Oh thanks

Thanks so much


A woman ordering a blueberry muffin 

The server doesn’t hear her

Such is the smallness of her voice

So she apologises

Apologises for her existence

Her mistake

Like it is a true error

When it isn’t 

How many times a day

Do I hear this


Excuse me

Oh sorry

Thankyou thankyou thankyou

So much!

For what?

A cake?

It’s not a kidney donation 

These words

Litter the air around us

It is so hard to stop doing 

But we have to stop eschewing

And be more blunt

Courteous and polite


Like a man

This is how they do it

Yes thanks that one

Here you go ta

See ya mate

How hard was that

Just say it once


Just say it once 


Don’t overload the sweet

I wish I could hug you 

Fill you up

With the love that you seem to be missing

You have a right to be here

We all do

Take a breath

Enlarge your lungs

Your heart

Your voice

Your choice

Your daughter is watching

Show her she is entitled to her existence

You’ve got to admit I’ve got a point

Thanks for listening


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