Locked and loaded

Hiding behind you walls

Eyes narrowed

hands clenched

heart small

You believe your own lies

About “them” all

and what “they” say

You tell yourself and it echoes back

“They all hate me but I don’t care about that”

Or so you tell yourself

as you shove another brick in the wall

and apply mortar liberally to the holes in your heart


If there is one thing that I dislike – it is dealing with defensive people. I used to be one (still am on a bad day when I’m tired and not adulting very well) regardless, I know the pointless spin that the mind can weave when in defence mode and it can be very convincing.

I’m not alone

There is an ugly pervasive rash of defensiveness which surrounds us on a daily basis.

Passive aggressive posts on social media -shared here, liked there (unfollow button works a treat;)

The world is armed – locked and loaded.

Defence has become attack. 

The new black.

Or perhaps it always was – perhaps this is simply human nature and the end result of  being thinking creatures.

Assumption – conclusion – delusion – defence – offence – assumption – conclusion – delusion – defence – offence – assumption….. and a liberal dose of judgement in there as well.

A vicious circle in perpetual rotation.

The human conundrum

stemming from

a lack of communication

And too many walls

The opposite of defence is not attack

It is surrender and acceptance



and Love

but if that all sounds far too hard and scary

Keeping an open mind, is sometimes all that is required.


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