A short read about reading

Cheryl Strayed promised me in “Tiny Beautiful Things” that all the wasted days would add up to something.

And they are beginning to.

As is all the time spent “wasted” reading – something I’ve always felt vaguely guilty about.

I hadn’t read a book in a couple of weeks (unheard of really in my world 😉

So on Friday evening I snuggled down and read Sarah Wilsons latest book “First We Make the Beast Beautiful” 

As I had purchased the book (on IBooks) a small voice had whispered “what would someone so accomplished know about anxiety?”

Turns out a lot.

Turns out the book resonates with my own experiences with the anxiety beast so eerily that sometimes I wondered if she had been walking in my skin

Or me in hers

Whatever the case, the book is a well written, raw and honest (and very brave) account of Sarah’s personal experiences. 

It is – I believe – an important book and I hope that both men and women in reading it, don’t feel so alone in their own struggles anymore for it is a book that reaches out. 

It is a book that touches and heals.

It is a book well worth your time and one that certainly won’t waste it.

I have read so many books that comforted me, inspired me, changed me, added to me and just generally made me a better person.

If I hadn’t read the books I have read I would be…

Not me – and I rather like me these days so that would be a pity. 

So if you are ever snuggled down feeling vaguely guilty with a book – don’t – just don’t – because books are never


A waste of time.

2 thoughts on “A short read about reading

  1. Thank you again for saying something that resonates so sharply to me and my life. I have ordered the book, will be reading this afternoon and will let you know my thoughts. I never expected this blogging thing to be so profound, to have such energy and create such a feeling of’knowing’ others from around the world. Some days the synchronicity is just incredible and makes me realise that by writing we help to heal ourselves and by sharing we contribute to the healing of others.

    • Absolutely agree, I’m not on here a lot at present because I’m busy on other things but am looking forward to getting back to it as I have made connections with quite a few people that I enjoying talking to and reading their blogs (yours included;) you’ll enjoy the book I think, I certainly did.😊

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