I’m back.

I’ve been skirting around the edges of WordPress for awhile – it’s so difficult to pick up the reins again once a blog has died beneath you and to get back into writing.

And blogs do literally (no pun intended but…) die. 

The funeral is past – readers drift away, things change. One wonders if it is worth a resurrection particularly since I went on a social media burn that included my Instagram (both personal and the one that is attached to this blog) – Facebook 💥 gone – my virtual world torched and pillaged leaving only a few small ash piles of regret…(I loved my Insta and am still sad that it got caught up in the rout but…maybe it was necessary and thankfully my blog did survive – though it retreated into its own shell for protection for awhile.

The blog or rather its author was stuck in a bit of a rut we needed to have a reboot if not a revamp.

Obviously a lot of other blogs (hopefully not writers) have died or are undergoing recalibration in the interim as well because some that I used to enjoy reading have gone 😦

Thankfully some are still there and I enjoyed a bit of catching up this afternoon. There will be more (a whole lot more) over the next couple of days.

And so the slow climb begins…

14 thoughts on “Returning

  1. Welcome back. I think there’s greater meaning in the thought required for a post, compared with a tweet or status update. I do that too, but I’d rather be remembered for something meaningful than a witty one-liner posted in haste.

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