Free Verse

Why free verse?

I ask that question of myself

But you can join in 

If you want

Life is not neat and tidy

People don’t walk about speaking

Just so

Everything rhyming


Right on cue

As they go


And I like to describe

Therefore what I’m describing

Must ring true


It is free verse for me

The words only rhyming where they cross paths 

Meeting greeting


I respect other views

Great Haiku 

Is extremely beautiful 

Like walking through a rain storm 

Without becoming drenched

Yet enjoying all the smells

The textures

Of rain


I understand the fascination

That some have with control

Making words behave




Enforcing human will

On the words

Applause all round if that is your thing

It’s not mine

I don’t do crosswords either

And I think that’s why they like me

The words

Come and perch on my pen 

I don’t capture them 

The words

I simply enjoy their song

Even hum along


Like birds

They sing 

I don’t put them in cages

I set them free

Watch them scatter across the page

Formations dark and pretty

Sunsets behind


In metaphor capturing my eye

And mind

It pleases me


It’s why I write

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