Curse for the word thief

If you steal my words

You are my clone

I own you

Not that I want you

Sad faded little duplicate

Of a fake human



cannot find his/her own connection to the stream

Of life

Of source

Because you’re

too small of course

For God to whisper in your ear

As he does mine

If you steal my words

I will curse you to writers hell

You will never do well

You will live out your life as a duplicate

A creased piece of blue carbon floating on the wind

Never fitting in

Nor finding your tribe

But skulking round the outskirts

Like a beggars bribe

A photocopied bum

Your heart will beat

like a quickening drum

Sounding a death knell warning


If you steal my words

Hell will come calling

And your mind will be swallowed by demons

You won’t sleep at night

No inspiration will find you


Nor angels come to battle for you

Your deathbed will be lonely

And your grave unmarked

For who finds a fraud


You will die of a cankerous cancer of the soul

Every stolen word

Erupting in a fresh hole

That drags you deeper and deeper into that antiwriters hell

Where all the words

You ever stole

Rise up and curse you

Over and over and over

Don’t f#* with me

My words are sacred

They belong to me

In my poetry

Just as I make it

Not you

Never you

My words are the birds

And they fly back to my side

And tell me your filthy secret


Touch but one sentence

That is not yours

And out of my words

This curse pours


I will bring all this and more

And all the garlic in the world

Won’t keep my smoke from your door

It will come creeping beneath



Incantations deep

And troubling to a coward

Who are you?

Will echo back from every mirror




So tie your own rope

And hang it from the beam

For if you steal another’s words

All the follows, likes and social media streams

Will be meaningless

And all your counterfeit dreams

Will turn to salt

In the sugar jar

For all that you are

Is a weak excuse for a human being

The plagiarist





Now get off my blog and take yourself far



Away from me

Phew rant done! But I’m deadly serious – I read the sad story on another blog about stolen words copy and paste! It made my blood run cold then hot but I do believe that cheats never prosper and you can always tell the difference between fake and real by the way it makes you feel.

Header image: Bunbury wall mural – I love street art – this one was taken last year on a trip to WA.

9 thoughts on “Curse for the word thief

    • Bahaha – think I’m over that small concern now Len – read the next post I hope it rebalances the direction that I want my blog to go and reintroduces flow 😊thanks for reading the rant – but it’s just something to get fear off my chest and it worked 😁👌

  1. It’s such a shame that people are so lazy that they can’t just come up with their own form of creativity. Be it words or art. At least have the decency to credit the original author or artist.

    • I know – I really felt for the other blogger and then another commented that she had the same thing happen to her and on and on it went. Made me think do we just stop sharing? But that’s not the answer either.

      • If we did, there’d be a lot fewer people out there writing and sharing their words. It is unfortunately something that’s bound to happen at some point, but we can’t let it tear us down.

      • Oh exactly some of the more painful periods in my life are when I wrote so beautifully – perhaps its the balancing piece that the Universe hands us. Or maybe angels walk a little closer when we are suffering – who knows? Writing is capable of great transmutation – turn that crap into gold.

      • You are exactly right about that. I’ve found some of my hardest times were met with some heartbreaking and some hopeful pieces that even now, I look back to with fondness. Despite the painful etymology of some of those snippets in time, they are still part of life. That’s one of the reasons why I hope more people would turn to a creative outlet when they need it. It might just save their life in the process. 😊

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