The futility of guarding the Mine/d

You can’t do two powerful things at once

You cannot create

And guard your creation

An artist cannot hold a paintbrush in the same hand in which he holds a gun?

Got me?

Let’s move on

There are so many guises under which fear can show up in our lives

It creeps in through the self doubt door

Left ajar

That exit route you thought you might need

When your journey doesn’t take you quite as far

As you had hoped


And you don’t even see

That the roadblock right there

You set that up yourself

Or your fear did

So you retreat

When the mind is your tool it can turn back on itself

So be very careful

And don’t use the mind

Use your connection to source instead

It won’t mess with your head

The way that using the mind and ego will

My Dad used to say that you never carry a gun or weapon with which to defend yourself

Because it can be turned back on you instead

This is what the mind will do

If you believe it is your only form of defence and source to creativity

Yesterday I read a blog post about plagiarism

It scared the crap out of me

Little me

Mind full me

Egotistical me

I’m really happy with the way my poetry is flowing lately

It is almost too good too easy too beautiful

Ahh Eros had arrived, so close to ego so close to tread

Around in the head

Saying look at me I’m brilliant


I’m just in the flow is all and it always goes like this

When I’m in the flow

Words through my fingertips

Channels fully open

It’s a wonderful state to be in

And so fear comes riding in on the back of that swaggering horse self doubt

And starts to mess about

In my head

Maybe somebody could steal these words




Copy and paste!!


That’s terrible and it is and it plays on every fear

In a writers heart


Somebody stealing our stuff

We don’t care about someone stealing the crap stuff though

The stuff that grinds out like mining worthless stones

And miners sift through tonnes of worthless rubble

Before they strike the rich vein

And it’s then they go for their guns

Scrambling to stake out a claim

This is mine

This is mine

Get away

I did the work

I removed all the rubble

This is mine




Listen to me because I have finally found the way

After sifting through all my rubble

And it humbles me


These words – this rich vein I’ve stumbled across

It’s not mine

It belongs to everyone

It’s coming out of me and is equally available – has always been available to everyone

The only way to turn it off is to allow fear through the door

And fear comes

In many disguises

Perhaps you are worried someone who knows you might read your work – laugh and scoff – who is this – she thinks she can write a blog?

And that happened to me last time – so I know that disguise – have shown that particular clown 🤡 mask the door

But there are so many more

(Sorry this isn’t supposed to be a poem – it’s just the way it’s falling)

So you see what I mean

You have the choice of two things

Keep flowing

Or let fear in

What’s your particular fear?

What is your blocker?

Because in the end we block ourselves

Stand there with a big gun aiming at our own chest

Saying this is mine

Step back

Meanwhile all that rich vein

Remains untapped

Because we’re too busy hanging around up there at the entrance to the mine

Guarding it

Don’t do it

Nobody can steal from you

And if they do

The energy won’t be the same

It will be a one dimensional flat boring page

Instead of engaging with this amazing matrix

That digs deeper and deeper into people’s minds

As they find

Their own handle of the situation

Laid before them in words flowing out of another person

I’ve found other writers who are mining their gold

So clearly mining pure soulful gold

It’s made me bold

Stuff the petty worries

Climb back down the ladder

Keep hammering

What goes on out there doesn’t matter

Write on


Oh and the header photo is of the steps leading sown to an opal mine – I took it on a trip to Lightening Ridge a few years ago – the miners house is on top and there is this hole in the floor and down you go. The gem and opal fields of Australia are the most extraordinary places – full of amazing characters. Very appropriate photo – lucky I take loads of them when I travel and can always find just the perfect thing when I need it – out of my own source – and because of that – I can believe – I have everything I need – to keep writing and creating and sharing. Such a wonderful place to be – headspace wise and it’s taken a long time to get here.

13 thoughts on “The futility of guarding the Mine/d

  1. It sucks for sure, but I’ve come to the point that I deal with things as I find them and then I try to move on from it. Otherwise I’ll never get around to sharing again.

  2. Reading this has stirred up a lot of the feelings I’ve had since discovering what happened last night.
    Thank you for sending me here to read it.

    • Oh I didn’t want to stir feelings up – just to express the anger that anyone would feel – I got over it when I made the connection that made me write the next blog post – we can’t really be stolen from – ever. Keep writing – you have a great authentic blog so keep it going 😊

  3. Powerful and insightful! I do agree with with your perspective. I read an article a while ago about the inventor of the children trunky suitcase. His product was original, practical and very popular. The popularity of this new product led a bunch of people to copy his idea. He then started legal action against those people incurring a huge amount of legal fees in the legal process that lasted several years. Looking back he acknowledged that it was a mistake to spend all that money on legal battles, he should have instead spent his money, time and energy in R&D and making his original product even better. The few years of legal battles allowed his competitors to catch up with him and launch even better products! The moral of the story: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”!

    • When I heard that someone had had their words stolen I was furious – hence I wrote the curse of the word thief post and scared myself a little 😂 but in the end – we control nothing and trying to as your comment (loved the story btw) illustrated is an exercise in wasted time and energy.

  4. I’ve been thinking lately about how our behaviors seem to be limited to two-dimensions, like you said. But now I realize we are full of consciousnesses that we are barely aware of and they can do everything (not just the autonomous and sympathetic nervous system, actual consciousnessesessezzezz). What a thing to think about, plagiarism! They’ve been plagiarizing Buddha and Jesus and Mohammed for centuries.

  5. Oh yeah, the opal mines. They have a TV show, where you get to see the god-awful state of the raped land, so full of holes, like a cancer, and these crude Aussie good-ol-boys, who only seem to talk about how much money. What must the Aboriginals think, and does anybody care?

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