I forgot to say

Amidst the day to day

I lose it

Slips down behind the washing machine

Tucked under a stack of clothes

Buried under paperwork

I can’t see it in the orders

To do this and that

The phone calls

Taken and dialled on the run

I can’t see you

For the jostle of everyone




Right now!

And when stillness does come

At the end of the day or at the beginning

nerves are frayed


I just want time to myself

And so do you

To let the mind unwind

And come back

To the room


I let you go

With your bag packed today

Check list


Came home to find

You had left

You didn’t wait

For my return


I realised

I forgot to tell you

“I love you, see when you get back – travel safe”

Header photo my husband a photo taken ages ago, one evening, he was studying plans, quoting – always busy – we are always busy.

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