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Somebody asked me once

Do you ever get worried you’re just going to run out of things to write about (on the blog)

And to be honest

I’d never thought about it

But here’s the thing

Do you ever run out of things to think about?

To talk about?

Well how can you run out of things to write?

I would definitely run out of things to write about if my blog was a niche

Which is what all the professionals say you should have

A niche

Like cooking

Or make up

Or house decorating

Or collecting buttons

And I love reading about all those things as I do the daily shuffle

Around my blog followers and find others

As various as a golf swing pro that unfortunately won’t help my game

But I enjoy his enthusiasm

I enjoy everyone’s blogs

Well except the guy that I’m not sure what he is on about because it is in another language


I can see he is passionate so

I give him a wave as I pass through

And I really do

Get just as much out of my reading in here

As I do my writing

But because my blog is so exciting

Ok you may wish to supplement



Eclectic if you wish

But the thing is

No – I will never run out of things to write about

I wish

Sometimes I would run out of things to think about

Like when I’m orbiting in meditation around the same damn topic

Of what am I going to have for breakfast

And then tootling through my to do list

Or what would make a good topic

To write about

Or a theme for my Instagram page or bloody twitter

And then the timer is up and instead of meditating I’ve just spent 20 minutes sitting there thinking instead



I will never run out of things to write about

And I believe Seth Godin said the same thing. If you ever run into writers block or some such thing perhaps that’s worth a thought and then write down whatever you’re thinking about – because you will never run out of things to think about.

Also – you know how I was talking stats 👈(I think it’s that one I write an awful lot and can’t always what I’ve written)

the other day and Ray said “they’re all just numbers” yeah…well trying to build a bit of an Instagram today and the numbers had me thinking again until

I came back here to find someone and hit nearly every post I had ever written (and I’m over 200 now including my old ones before the blog closed for a couple of years – with a like.

My view for the day sky rocketed as did my likes – and you know what – it didn’t mean a damn thing to me because he didn’t stop to read even one (couldn’t of – would have taken him half an hour to dig up all those old posts!)

But it didn’t mean anything – because there was no engagement no chat – never said a word not even once – like most people say hello so you know who they are when they sty following –


He just came through my shop 👈 (read that post if you don’t get it) like some sort of whirlwind – bought up all my doo dads and then left.

And I appreciated all that effort but

Little bit dejected – I followed him though so I’ll go and chat his ear off tomorrow. Poor man.

Anyway that’s it from me and all that for the night – not a lot of poetry as I’ve been doing short form all day – which has been really fun (considering I lack the art of summary over here)

Couple below for you – tonorove sometimes I can be brief and to the point.

Sorry, before you go – On that topic – the Instagram short form poetry – I read an article today about a guy who decided to see if he could become a famous Instagram poet by writing (basically rubbish poetry) on scraps of paper with a doodle here and there and off he went – his Instagram page for his poetry went mad and was extremely popular even though he wrote the worst sort of things you can imagine


There’s blooming hope for my scraps yet 😂 night all take care God bless 😇

Header photo not mine: it’s a Pinterest image that I found and I love it –

28 thoughts on “The Daily Newspaper

  1. I’ve been wondering about this very issue. I think I’ve inadvertently backed myself into a corner. I’ve spent so much time writing daily prose posts that I think I ended up moving too far away from discussions and advice – which I think are both important.

    • I think we are all the same – with only our own brains to work out of we can get lost following one path and then suddenly pull up and go “Oh I’m travelling too fast too far and possibly in the wrong direction. I hopefully make my poetry more accessible with a bit of a chat down the bottom of each post – what’s too long, too short? Who knows. I think ultimately we just have to do what comes naturally and the ones who like our style will come back and read and chat.

      • Oh yes, I agree. I like that you’re playing around with ideas to keep people engaged. I did something like that before, but most didn’t really take that opportunity to strike up a conversation. Perhaps I was asking the wrong questions.

      • I don’t think too much with my blog – I write what is coming out (with certain editorial limits) on any given day – sometimes it’s poetry and sometimes it’s something else. I just keep it an authentic conversation

      • My blog is the download – my mind coming to rest after writing or before I begin – it’s the best of my writing sometimes – effortless – the spark the sets the rest of my creativity into a smoulder

  2. What is the point of pushing like if you have not taken the time to read. Is it an advertising money thing to try and get more clicks to a site for revenue? I tried word ads and received the princely sum of 7 cents a month. I always shuddered when I saw the ads on my blog because I found it distracted from the writing. I am now ad free.

  3. I know exactly how you feel about wanting that engagement.

    Personally, I don’t mind getting likes on my posts. I actually appreciate them. Still, it is awesome when someone leaves a comment to let me know what they liked about this or that post. It’s a thrilling feeling to have that interaction.

    • Oh I love the love – can’t deny that and you can’t chat with everyone or else you’ve already had a chat over at their blog but it’s when someone comes through and just likes everything at once and you know they haven’t read a word you have said – that sort of thing. But it is also valuable because it shows you clearly it’s truly not all about the stats – it’s about someone taking 5 and reading and engaging with your words. I’m lucky that I have that and I try and find other blogs that are writing but not getting the views – there are plenty of really good writers and artists here.

  4. All poems great, I liked specially the one that started with the 3 a.m.
    The other poem-commentary? Anyways you proved my point, I wrote a poem called “writers block is a myth”, after reading a person saying she had writers block. Well she was writing, writers block by definition is that you are unable to write anything, but she was writing about not being able to write….ironic, and the funny thing is that it was quite engaging I remember that, she was writing that she couldn’t write and the way she expressed herself was making me giggle like a little girl. She probably didn’t even realize that what she wrote was quite good. Another thing, which I guess is that people get confused is that what you write is not exactly how you want it to turn out, or you don’t get that perfect idea you are searching for. I say, just type it out.
    Nice post, sorry for the long comment.

    • Love long comments and yes that is exactly my point – it isn’t that you have writers block but rather you are blocking what wants to come out – so if what is coming out isn’t what you want write – then write it anyway – it doesn’t have to get posted but by getting it out of the system – something that is more palatable to you may come along – and if you are that upset with what you are writing then maybe you have side issues that need dealing with – maybe start a new blog under what you really want to write about and see how that goes …I don’t know – turning the damn thing off is my problem 😂

  5. Some minutes ago, I saw a photo of a woman sitting crossed leg and absorbed in the Financial Times. I promptly posted it, adding the text “I’m now contemplating What The Papers Say, avoiding being drawn by habit — an act of delusion, would my mates, or even feminists proclaim.” Generally, I scribble off the ball but never bother to post them, and for whatever reason. At times I can spontaneously post stuff online, but mostly I restrained the desire. That’s some of me in a nutshell. Keeping on being you! Have a Nice Day! 🤗

    • Thanks Lawrence and lovely to know a bit more about you. I believe blogs need to have the personality of their owner present or they can quickly grow stale and cold. Well done for posting something impulsive – you never know – sometimes these things are turning points

  6. Ah, yes, the spam Likes… I rarely pay any attention to them now. It’s a bit sad. When I tried talking about it, I was told that I should be grateful my blog was getting traffic and that someone likes what I write (Do they really?). Some people agree with me, some don’t. It is what it is.

    About running out of things to write. You say exactly what I say – I cannot imagine having a niche. That would definitely make me run out of ideas. While there is always something to write about, I sometimes wonder if I’m not repetitious. You compared writing to a conversation. There is only so much you can talk about to someone you don;t know well/ don’t see often without rehashing the same old, same old.

    • Hmmm I haven’t run into that wall yet – I guess my poetry comes from conversations with myself – with my spirit – it is how I stumble across insights – and I know myself very well so …the conversation never runs dry – though I would like to find three off switch sometimes 😁

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