Remaining Teachable

When sinking remember

This is but a brief dip

Buoyancy is obtained

By taking deep breaths

And recalling

That life is short

Our journey fraught with difficulty

In order to teach us

We swim by learning the lessons

The lifeguard is already on the way

We are loved



Far more than we are cognisant

Above all




I have received a lot of help and support lately from other bloggers, writers and social media users which has allowed me to improve in all sorts of areas

Some of this support has come with a guarded overture like “I hope you won’t mind if I, I hope you won’t be offended, could I just say…”

If I had been arrogant or ignorant I would not have learned valuable information

Of all the things I have learnt in my life – probably the most important is this:

Remain teachable

Be humble

Be kind

And remain open to information, guidance and support

23 thoughts on “Remaining Teachable

    • It can be difficult to take feedback – particularly when it is critical or poorly delivered but there is always at least a kernel of truth in it. I find myself increasingly drawn to the process because I learn so much about myself and am able to improve my work.

  1. Ah yes. The first party reminds me of the old Buddhist ideal called, regression to the mean. There’s a balance in life. If times are really bad, they’ll get better, just like if they are really good, it’ll get worse. It’ll always drift back to center. As for the latter part of your post, I think it’s always important to point things out and ask questions. It’s the best way to learn in this type of environment.

  2. The horrible part of me wants to know the names of the A~holes who delivered critical feedback and give them a piece of my mind. The partially grown up part of me knows that’s ridiculous.
    Teachability, we all need that lesson in our lives. I’ve been far too rebellious in learning it 🙂

  3. I love this piece – it draws a vivid picture while being able to tell a story. YESSS! It is so important that we keep our minds open so that we can always learn new things :). Thanks for sharing this prompt!

    Nancy ♥

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