Don’t wait until you’re ready – you’ll never be ready

You mustn’t wait

To be ready

Or you’ll be waiting your whole life

The small foal launches

Legs unsteady

Trembling he totters

Bravely he wanders

After his Mum

Imagine instead

If he had stayed curled

Frightened on the grass


Waiting for the nerves to pass

He doesn’t have the choice

The small horse.

Instinct propels him up


And it propels us too

But if we’re honest

We spend too much time


About all that can go wrong

So we wait

And we wait

Instead of rocketing upward


Don’t wait to be ready

Don’t wait for the nerves to pass



That’s what small horses do

And we should too

We should just begin


I’ve published my first two books in the last month.

Perhaps you’re thinking “well that sure looks like a small horse rocketing to me…”


Actually it was several years of lying in the grass – curled

Wondering how




Was I ready

Perhaps I would wait until…and this “until” included a list as long as my arm

Then I watched that Utube video by Mel Robbins (see this post) I began to move on things that had been waiting for too long due to indecision.

There has been a few repercussions

My book covers which I loved like new born babies when I first made them apparently scream amateur

A lovely lady reached out to me on Instagram and said “your words are too beautiful to be in generic Amazon covers) go here (Canva) and here (Pixabay) use these to make new covers

I did and I’m so pleased with them. The digital versions were immediately fixed – the updated covers appear now on Amazon.

I love them!

And the good thing is when I get tired of them – I can simply update again.

As I said still working on the paperback. If you have bought the paperback versions don’t worry – when I’m famous those first editions will be worth a mint.


I wouldn’t have made this rookie error if I hadn’t published my books but then

I wouldn’t have published my books because I would still be going around in circles



I read words somewhere that go like this

“She took the leap

And she made her wings on the way down”

Do that

Just get out of the cage of procrastination and into the air – build as you go.

This image is from Pixabay and is free to download and use as are all their images – within parameters

My music is bought or rather the licence to use it is – from Artlist

All the film clips – I have bought a yearly licence and can use whatever I want – Artgrid

And the header image is a doc produced in Canva (amazing design app) which you can use for free but I prefer to buy a subscription, then I can easily use whatever I want

Yes it costs but it’s the only ethical way to go. I had a bit of guilt over two Pinterest images so Pixabay will fill my creative void in the photo department

A hope that bit of info helps some of you out – pay it forward and never stop helping those around you to do their best work

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