Rage – the most common form of futile self suppression leading to widespread depression and stress levels unheard of before in history. Given that quite a lot of that history was in war and terrible times – why are we so stressed?






Surrounded by hierarchy in positions of power

Who lack even the merest shred of common sense

They populate their palaces (departments) with as many more of their ilk as they can find

Promoting idiocy

Celebrating stupidity

Up and up they go

Building their power on paperwork

Tick and click boxes



The Emperor’s New Clothes

Fairytales perpetuated in paperwork in every Government office




Staffed by Emperors

And their sycophantic parasitic followers

As long as it is on paper it covers someone’s arse

No personal responsibility

That’s too high a risk task

No thanks

Let’s have a committee

Spread the blame around

Nurses filling in so much paperwork they don’t actually have time to do what their role should be

But it covers arses

Workplace health and safety that as long as it’s on paper

It’s okay

But if it’s not on paper

Sorry …how about we actually carry out the task

Haven’t got time

Just fill in the paper

Monty Python

I’m living in a skit!

Just get over it

But returning to the conversation at hand

“This is a decision based in insanity” I want to say

Instead I listen to your inane explanations

Because I know whatever I say will be used against me

And in the end

Hurt my family

My employers

My subcontractors

My community

Too much power

Idiots with too much power

So we all silently glower

And try to keep up with what new hoop they want us to jump through now


How can I intelligently reply to this broken and flawed system

Where do I fit?

Into any of this?

Where do any logical humans

Fit anymore?

We are being squeezed into corners

And out of the way

Pushed to the peripheral

In what is becoming a world of fools grown too unwieldy to live in

For the commonsensical few

You say you want truth

Yet reward lies

You want to buy local

But reward contracts that are not

What your papers and systems and protocols say

Remain unsupported

From what is instead purported in your actions and procedures

I cannot deal with this hypocrisy

For the fourth time before lunch I am adrift in a world gone mad

It is so ludicrous I have to laugh

Release the knots tied in


Which when unexpressed

Becomes silent futile frustration

Pushed down further

It becomes depression


Is good for nothing

Solves nothing

Fixes nothing

And poisons the carrier

I will not let them poison me too


I will drop this rage

Spilled here on the page

Forgive me reader

It is all I could do

To rid myself of the underlying deep and soul riddling anxiety

That claims me

When I look clearly at what this world is coming to

And stop telling myself palatable lies

It is brutally clear

The sensible quiet few

Are becoming rampantly overgrown

By the dangerously ridiculous

10 thoughts on “Rage – the most common form of futile self suppression leading to widespread depression and stress levels unheard of before in history. Given that quite a lot of that history was in war and terrible times – why are we so stressed?

  1. I came across Abraham’s emotional guidance scale today in the book I’m reading. Sigh of relief. This was a great post Kate, very cathartic. We are living in interesting times, that is for sure. While in the MRI machine, I saw a vision of me standing on a structure and extending a hand to each person I know, pulling them on to the structure. While helping those who are shall we say, “distasteful”, I couldn’t feel negatively toward them. I gather it was a vision of unconditional love. It felt lovely and easy during meditation. Now to bring that meditative state into the real world lol!

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    • Hi Mare – I purged then realised that I am focusing on all the things I don’t want to see in this world rather than what I do. We can’t fight against the system it just empowers it – disruption and change come from creation and refocusing. So I’m going to be doing that instead. It’s funny you should mention Abraham because that is exactly what entered my head this morning as I awoke. Reframe the picture and move on. We are on the same page you and I.

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