What does perfection look like, feel like – the answers surprised me

What does perfection look like?



Slightly baggy


Long and soft



A little frayed around the edges

A tiny bit burnt

Just on the tips of hair and noses

Scented in oils

Silver and candlelight

Coffee in bed in the morning

Tea in bed at night

With the door open

A soft breeze

And crickets

Lush green plant profusion that I actually remember to water and tend

Wise dogs heads

Soft brown eyes

Collapsing of furry bodies

Deep contented sighs

Long walks


A strong body


Just enough wealth

Books to the ceiling

And then some more

Soft rugs

Timber floors

Empty benches

Finally free of “more”

(Except books – always room for more books)

Linen sheets

A touch of red

A slither of silk

The slightest shrug of cashmere

Just one piece of exquisite cloud like texture

To treasure

A deep bathtub

A big motorbike

The ability to laugh

And laugh

And laugh

More things second hand

Patched leather

Favourite things

Precious things

I won’t cling

But I hope they last as long as I do…

Boots beaten and comfortable

Several cool hats

Old jeans

Colourful jangly jewellery

Dangly earings

My hair long enough to pull into a big messy bun

Favourite flats

Bright kimonos, long skirts

That make me feel like a parrot full of feathers

Dashing around my house

Clean floors

Good music

Dancing in the kitchen

Good food

Scrabble games very serious

Long phone calls to my sister

Lunch dates that last all day with my best mate

Giving back to my community

Feeling them give to me

Wide smiles

My husbands wiry chest hairs

The crinkly wrinkles just at the side of his eyes that form star bursts when he smiles

When he smiles at me

Hugs from my sons grown taller broader wider stronger than me

Making me feel small

But loved

So loved

Ocean swims

Red dirt roads

Walking and whistling

Shoulders free of loads

Bare feet on cool wet lawn


The passing of days



The long midday

Finding first greys

Rather liking them

Leaving them be

Leaving me be

Loving me

Just the way I am

Forgiven for all my sins




Grateful for where I’ve been

What I’ve seen

Who I am

Perfection is ..

Nothing like I imagined

In a younger woman’s skin

25 thoughts on “What does perfection look like, feel like – the answers surprised me

  1. This was such a wonderful list. I found myself nodding for the majority of those answers. I hadn’t realized I’d missed so many posts of yours. I’ll spend some time reading and commenting.

    • Thanks Sarah and not to worry – I have been less chatty of late – more breathing in and less out – I think we all need to do that at times – I have to get back to more reading as well – will be over for a visit 😊

  2. Dude, I love my gray hairs. I’ve got a nice streak going right in the front. I do believe I’m getting the bright white ones 🙂 Books, always room for books! Absolutely loved this poem

      • Hi “Bits” Well I am warm, but I am having to burn almost a forest of wood to do it, for the first time this month I got my home to 65 degrees, but then the outside temps hit 24 degrees, Heat Wave! Good thing I rebuilt my 50 year old Riteway stove in October, because I had that sucker RED HOT! Well, we have not had a good cold spell like this one in years and we needed it, it will kill off some of the Spruce Bark Beetles, which killed millions of trees a few years ago…..Have a nice Day!

  3. Perfection comes in so many ways and it depends on the day. An ice cold beer, a hot steamy bath, a walk on the beach or lounging on the couch. My idea of perfection changes like the tides in the sea!

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