Eccentricities of the new normal

The moon is new

The decade untapped

A world of potential

Which ways will we shift

In which to enact


For it is so desperately required

So deeply emeshed


Have we become in overusing


Creating toxic waste

Eating our own planet

In our haste

To have everything

But what is



Gigantic nations reaching out their arms


They cannot knock down mountain ranges

Engulf oceans

But they try

Decimating forests

Sucking dry

Casting nets



Until there is nothing left

But one desperate





We are eating our world to death

*this constant pillaging is frightening. When you see the mega trawlers and the catch that they bring in .. it simply isn’t sustainable

So that is the ocean


Over 200 million land animals are killed every day (every day – every day!) around the world to feed people

And that doesn’t count the mono crops like corn and soy which are not planted in increasingly depleted soils to feed all these animals

The loss of wildlife diversity and habitats is unprecedented

The word unprecedented is becoming used so much that it actually isn’t unprecedented anymore

It is normal

A terrifying new normal

Which should not be a term which is used because if it is normal then it somehow doable

But it’s not going to be doable – not at all

It does reassure me how many people are becoming conscious to these things.

What would have seemed like the conversation of an overthinking eccentric several years ago is now broadly considered common sense

But we all need to ACT – not just (as our politicians are wont to claim) just call this the “new normal” (which has virtually become a hashtag) and move on.

And that is my small environmental rant for a Friday but I will leave you with a quote that I love and I wish were true

If we worshipped the earth with the same fervour as we do the one who purportedly made it – our earth would be a wonderful place indeed”.

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4 thoughts on “Eccentricities of the new normal

  1. This is such a powerful piece and a very poignant post to match. It’s painfully sad to think of the destruction and damage caused to the planet, to the landscape and the animals that call it home. I do think that every little helps, so the small regular changes can really add up and everyone can do their part, no matter how small.
    Very well said!
    Caz x

    • Hi Caz – I just don’t expect change from the top when we cannot change ourselves – what is “up there” is only a reflection of what is “down here”. It frightens me sometimes who the elected officials are in countries all over the world because the people elected them. As Ghandi said – we have to be the change – then and only then will the reflection of what we see all around us alter. I slip up all the time with the small things simply because they feel like small things but if everyone is doing it and requesting alternatives (and actually using and buying the alternatives) then the small things become huge. Governments can’t change these fundamental things but we can and everyone is free to make those choices – that is empowering and it also builds communities of like minded people which is what the world needs – more community. Sorry for the long reply – I get pretty passionate about these things. 🌱🌷💕

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