Timing really is everything

A little voice

Barely a whisper

Close to my ear


Warm puff of air

Raises hackles

It arrives when I need it

And now we must wait






*learning to wait for the right moment.

As a planner, thinker highly imaginative plotter …waiting for intuition to deliver the starters gun is difficult.

I’m impatient

Think I’ve got it




I don’t know how many times I have an idea that seems amazing and if I don’t do this someone else will and I act with such immediacy that I completely blow it.

Magic come in waves

First the thought

But the thought is just the appearance of the soldiers on the hill

You count their number

Know what approaches




The general will give the order and it comes from somewhere deeper

Not the brain – the brain is a good captain – up and down the lines it paces checking, tallying, reporting

Easily distracted off on another mission


Don’t listen to it

just wait let the brain pass by muttering

I cannot explain it further

But that is what must happen

Just wait

And if you do so

You will gain more than the brain alone could have ever brought to you

Impulse can be a wonderful thing

And overthinking can be dreadful

But you are not thinking while you wait

You are clearing space

4 thoughts on “Timing really is everything

  1. Immediacy and blowing it, oh how I can relate. There is a stark contrast between the “knowing” and the brain. Time and age have been helpers in distinguishing which is which

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