The wind

The wind is shaking the chairs on the verandah

Iron banging on wood

The screens around the outer provide the whistle

The gap in the windows the howl

The whole orchestra is playing now

Falling silent as the wind dips

Blows itself out

Only to gust in again

And I can’t sleep for the sound

I know

I know

My head is the same

A giant receptacle for the wind

Making noises

As it drifts through

Rattling on old memories

Skeleton bones clack and cackle

Empty places filling

Thoughts cracking

Paint lifting

It’s just the wind

Let the voice blow away

Breathe in


And think in nothings

Blank spaces

As words spring up

Flatten them

I’ll think later

Right now

The screen door is banging

It’s just the wind

Everything blows itself quiet eventually

Even us

Lives snuffed

Then that voice that never shuts up

Will be silenced

But until then

It’s just the wind

Let it flow in

And out

12 thoughts on “The wind

  1. Mucho Nice poem. I love poems involving nature. I am a poet as well, but I am not as refined as you are. I appreciate that. I wrote this one.

    30° Sunshine
    By Kevy Michaels

    All by myself
    Strolling on top of the world
    God decided to shine a spotlight
    On my exalted existence
    My life is Surreal
    …. Awakened to Joyous living
    Surrounded by nature’s 3D beauty
    And even from thousands of feet
    Above the valley
    I am firmly grounded
    Blanketed in 30°
    Colorado Sunshine
    …Smiling inside
    Because I am grateful
    That God’s light led me
    This close to heaven
    While I’m still here
    On Earth

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