Power balls

I know…

Protein balls are as common as mud

What’s different about these?

Not much except this is my version and it is nutrient packed and so satiating that one ball is more than enough

It’s also dairy free, sugar free and vegan


1.5 cups brown rice (cold) I make in batches and leave in the fridge or freezer to grab for Vege bowls and salads

1 tblsp protein powder (I use Teresa Cutter’s (the healthy chef) plain flavoured vegan version – vanilla would also work

3 tblsp peanut butter (organic pure)

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup almonds

1 tblsp hemp seeds

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 tsp rose water (optional or try vanilla)

Blitz all these together in a good food processor. Feel the mix after a minute or two if it comes together when you squish it, you’re good to go with the rolling

If it doesn’t – add a little bit of water or some coconut oil (tblsp or two should do it)

Roll balls in coconut and either freeze or refrigerate

I grab these if I’ve just done a lot of exercise and I can’t get to breakfast fast enough (as in while it is cooking 🙄) or if I’m hungry late afternoon and want something to eat.

Here is why they are good for you and remember this is a quick summary as unfortunately I just don’t have the time to type every reason why these balls and ingredients are so nutrient dense – they just are! These little summaries help though and one of the fantastic things about eating this way are the many health benefits.

Also – if you want these to be chocolate because you’re craving chocolate just add 2 tblsp cacao powder and a little more coconut oil. Cacao powder is another nutrient dense ingredient.

Pumpkin seeds
Hemp seeds..
Peanut butter
Brown rice

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    • Oh good! I’m so glad. I was wondering if It was a good move (or not) combining the poetry with food and then thought oh well it’s my blog I will just jolly well do what I’m doing and some people like both and others just like one or the other – doesn’t matter – I’m cooking and loving healthy food so may as well share the love 💓 next week macrame – just kidding – I have no idea how to do that and absolutely no time left in my schedule 😂😂😂 food for the soul and food for the tummy – hmm might need to make that the blogs Tagline for the confused new visitors 🙃

  1. Very informative post about the pumpkin seeds, raisins, cranberry and other items. They certainly make healthy power ball to eat.

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