Waste into taste – okonomiyaki style fritters

I made too much porridge this morning

Ended up with a couple of cups worth left over

So I made okonomiyaki inspired fritters for lunch! So yummy and pleased it worked out (not all my experiments do).

2 cups left over porridge

2 tblsp chickpea flour *see below

1 heaped tblsp nutritional yeast

1 small carrot grated

1 small (straight from garden!) zucchini grated

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp cumin

Chopped parsley about half a cup

Squeeze of lime or lemon

salt and pepper

Texture should be nice and thick and gooey

Place lumps of batter around a hot frying pan with a little oil

Flip and Done!

Add to a garden salad and drizzle with tomato sauce then bbq sauce

This recipe ended up making a lot of fritters – around 10 but …I ate them all because they were yummy.

So much you can do with this – add more chickpea flour and form into patties – dip in flour and make Vege burgers or add Jalapeños for extra zing – cook in air fryer instead of pan etc etc

I love doing things like this because it uses up what would otherwise be wasted and I think cooking should be creative and personal – not just read from a recipe and adhered to strictly.

Food waste is a massive issue – I’m no saint either, I need to work harder. All we can do is be conscious, aware and try.

*chickpea flour or Besan is high in protein and gluten free – you can use whatever you have or if you don’t like the taste but still want a gluten free flour try rice flour, arrowroot, cornflour, or even almond meal. If you don’t give a rats about gluten just add plain flour 😁

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