Quick fireside chat

For the first time in ages I felt like properly cooking.

I went for a reset retreat yesterday, barely 15 hours overnight retreat (future post) it was so so good and Ellie cooked me beautiful things that nourished and healed.

Got home this morning, did some shopping and made Veg Tiki Masala and sweet potato hummus and rice (yah I boiled it still counts) 🤪

So good just had a bowl full beside the fire. Plenty on tomorrow and next week but for today I didn’t do anything other than cook food, pay dogs, unpack and chop kindling to make a fire.

Hot deep bath soon, light some candles and enjoy my home.

Magazine is going so well – that’s why I went up to Meraki to interview Ellie but ended up with so much more.

Big love out to you all.

Oh recipe – saved the recipes to my mix – which is here https://mix.com/athousandbitsofpaper?utm_source=sharesheet&utm_campaign=ios&utm_medium=user_share anyone else using mix? I really enjoy it.

Much more so than Pinterest for some reason. It’s minimalist. Easy to share and save things I want to keep for later – check it out and let me know your handle and I will give you a follow.

7 thoughts on “Quick fireside chat

    • My kitchen smelt so yummy all afternoon as it is a slow cooker recipe – not sure why though nothing in there needs a long amount of cooking – it was delicious but after two serves – yesterday and today it is definitely off to the freezer as leftovers 😂

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