While we’re still here

You don’t have to protect it you know

I always thought I did

Maybe Mum gave me that idea

When she said

Don’t wear it on your sleeve

It’s just a little muscle surrounded by an aura

But think about this

As you sleep

And everything else is relaxed

It still beats




As it’s always done

Without rest

Our very best friend

Come riding into battle to save us

Blows up fierce when we’re raging

Rises like the bubbles in champagne when we laugh

Our very finest instrument

The heart

Sending blessings out to those we love

Seizes up in grief but still manages


To beat on

And on

And on

Until one day it stops

And we’re gone

What a shame we spent all those years

With it tucked away

Should have bought it out

Worn it on a sleeve

Decorated like finest jewellery that we don’t wear either

Because it’s precious

Instead we hoard and hide and tuck those things away

For good

We say

Well don’t

Save it

Any longer

Bring it out and throw it around

What’s wasted is the chance we’ve never taken

To share more of the best of ourselves

While we’re still here

6 thoughts on “While we’re still here

  1. The fine balance of putting our heart out there while simultaneously keeping it protected. As I emerge back into society I keep rehearsing a line in my head: “Thank you for the suggestion, it sounds wonderful, but it’s not for me at this time.” Or “Wow, that sounds great, give me a few days to ponder it.”

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