It’s out! Audacity is published.

Everyone who subscribed should have their copy – hope it is opening okay. Seems to work best if you put the link in your browser.

If you haven’t subscribed – I just worked out how to grab the link so you check it out here:


For anyone who hasn’t subscribed and wants to ensure they get next months copy just add your email at the auto mailchimp thingy below.

And I will send you the link. Here is a tiny cute slice of what’s inside.

30 thoughts on “It’s out! Audacity is published.

  1. Kate, I received your 1st issue in my email. However when I tap the link it takes me to issuu sign up and crest account page. I’m confused 🤷‍♀️

  2. Thanks for the feature, Kate. You must be proud of it. I’m most impressed. I was looking to re-blog. Is there a way of doing that? ~ George

  3. Many, many congratulations! Your evident hard work has really paid off! It’s a great publication with engaging articles and photos and the typesetting ir really good! A most enjoyable read with my lunchtime coffee!! Thank you very much for the shout out 😉

  4. Fantastic Kate. Congratulations. What a lot of work has gone into it. You are one amazing lady xx

  5. Kate, thankyou so much for including me. It has given me such a lift, and to read other people’s stories too has been wonderful. It looks so professional and you have put so much work and imagination into it. May it ibdeed grow feathers!

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