Me vs Book Review

I write so much

Reams of words tower here and there

In pockets of ether

That were never designed to hold

Anything of worth for long

Perhaps that’s why I build here

My words sucked within

That which I brush up against

Allowed for a moment

To bury its teeth skin deep

Take a bite

Nibble along the pain sensors of my mind

But not deeper

Where like a traumatic wound

Things become numb

I never disturb the deep places

Let them lie

What good is found in kicking over those piles

Of long buried rubbish

Some think I give away pieces of my soul

Commit exposure

On a grand scale

By blogging in poetry

And they would be wrong

What is allowed to be taken from me

By the Internet for free

Is only what my subconscious allows

I know this

Because instinctively it closes

When I try to delve deeper

Than just those skin deep phrases

A block appears

Platen steel

It arises between what I feel

And the carefully protected fields

Deeper in

Where parts of me are numb

And if the words were to come from those places

Perhaps they would be poetic and painful

But expensively won

They can remain where they are

Packages undone

They pile up on corners

I forget they are there

Until darkness falls

And I trip


Over the buried things


It’s the paper

And the string

I pat as I pass

Grateful that at least

They remain untouched.

*So that’s my poetry style – full of metaphor, a bit of smoke and mirrors yet it is the only way I can write – that’s just the way it comes out of me.

I have been reading Susan Richardson’s powerful poetry from her book “Things my Mother Left Behind”

It has left me feeling inadequate as a poet and a little jealous – well, I’m human I guess.

Susan gives and keeps giving with her poetry, she leaves no part of her behind that is for sure.

Because of that I was thoroughly caught up and emotionally rode each line of her poetry with her. Her words resonate. A truly great writer.

I highly recommend this book and will be giving her a five star review.

“Things my Mother Left Behind” can be found here it’s wonderful and a screen shot of mine that I bought back in July when it was released but only have recently got around to reading. Don’t do that. Buy this and read it straight away. It’s lovely. Don’t forget the all important review at the end – we need your reviews.


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28 thoughts on “Me vs Book Review

  1. A most satisfying piece! By all means stay away from the deep places or at least until your inner raven has added enough stones to make them not so deep 🙂 And at the risk of sounding like your Mum – don’t compare yourself! You write well! 😉

  2. Thanks for your review of Richardson’s poetry collection. As a lover of poetry, I’ve discovered that each poet has her own poetic style and vision. Don’t underestimate the power of your own work in touching another heart or soul <3

  3. I love your poem! It is deep and can be interpreted in so many ways – the beauty of poetry. Sometimes, we can use people’s amazing work to motivate us to do better. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work!

    Nancy ✨

  4. Never underestimate the power or quality of your own words. If the reader can relate at any level, you have succeeded.

  5. I am incredibly grateful for your generous words about my writing and my book, but you have nothing to be jealous of. Go back and read the beautiful poem that began this post, and know that your words are beautiful and cutting, that they will stay with me in image and feeling. I am a great admirer of your work!

    I go through moments of doubt every day about my writing, but then I get inspired by writers like you and it makes me step away from those feelings of defeat. Today, I got a very mediocre review from someone whose work I have admired and I can’t deny that it hurt me, but then I read yours and the light has come back into my day. Thank you, Kate.

    • Listen to the humming bird whose wings you cannot are, listen to the butterfly whose days number but three, listen to the mind of God – but don’t listen to me. Leonard Cohen – I love this simple little poem that he murmurs over and over – listen to the kind of God – that’s what we poets do Susan. Good luck to the rest of the critiques they just don’t stack up in the end. Your book is great, perhaps because I cared for my own elderly parents I resonate with your words. They are beautiful. Keep writing XX

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