Trapped behind the glass


At everything and no one

Thoughts thrown

Like logs

I keep

Piling them on

Bonfire spreads

Walk faster

Even the dogs gingerly tread

further out

Their animal scents mine

Funny how part of I can stand beside

Watch the smoke rise

And know

“Ahhh here she goes – well things are bound to feel better shortly”

But even that makes me angry right now

That supercilious bitch

That stands apart

She never gets in here with me

Flailing about

But just stands cool

Behind her pane of glass

Emotionally distanced

From all this hurting

Not realising





Now she can’t get out

14 thoughts on “Trapped behind the glass

    • The words tend to fall the way they fall and I don’t edit or overthink them. I think that why I love creating poetry so much these days, I’ve done enough to get out of my own way and mostly I just learn a lot about what I’m thinking by what comes out. The beauty of poetry and the subconscious mind working in tandem

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