Mug cake

Have you ever been sitting quietly reading a book and the idea of cake comes into your head so strongly that you have to get up and make it? Mug cakes are ridiculously easy and so quick as they just cook in the microwave. I tried to keep mine fairly healthy but there is a […]

Quick fireside chat

For the first time in ages I felt like properly cooking. I went for a reset retreat yesterday, barely 15 hours overnight retreat (future post) it was so so good and Ellie cooked me beautiful things that nourished and healed. Got home this morning, did some shopping and made Veg Tiki Masala and sweet potato […]

Subtlety is precious

Subtle What a beautiful word And I miss it Like my fathers wink And the wrinkles that preceded a droll reply Rippling across his forehead I miss it like my mother’s quirky quips As she stirred the custard One foot to knee bent legged like a yogi Balancing The art of saying one thing and […]