11 thoughts on “If I didn’t have poetry

    • Yes, it’s a receptacle with no filter – such a great comment Widds, it’s got me thinking about how we are rarely, as humans, able to offer that service or receive it when listening and talking to others. It’s a very important attribute because feelings and thoughts are passing things, we just need a bucket to throw them in.

  1. When I went through depression, I started seeing a psychologist. I’ve never been that good with talking though, so instead, she asked me to write a poem for each of our sessions which conveyed my emotions. Ever since then, I’ve relied on poetry as an essential way of conveying my struggles and joy to other people. Poetry has given me a mouth to speak and ears to hear. I truly don’t know what I would do without it.

    • Poetry is a wonderful form of self expression. I recently spoke to a woman who had gone through trauma – she wrote and entire book from one poem and said it poured out of her in a way she couldn’t stop. It’s such an interesting and largely unexplored medium for healing.

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