Dreaming dragon

Nights are thin

The air easy to breathe

The veil

Between what is

And what could be


And easily manipulated

The mind can build one way

Or another

The main thing I’ve found

Is to keep watch on the reins betwixt fingers

Or the dream becomes untethered

And a person like me

Could end up

In a different dimension


Things that appear difficult during the day

Can be solved at night

Time is stretchy

And thoughts turn into dreams

Then back into thoughts again

Awareness breathes

Like a dragon

With heavy eyelids.

Trying to stay awake

Slumber overtakes it.

Trying to go to sleep

Suddenly seems like the hardest thing in the world

And counting sheep

Is a ridiculous myth

I barely make it to three


I’m already thinking of something else

Shape shift

Mood drift

And then there is the worry

The thing

It cometh


Arriving out of nowhere

To iron everything flat

Then lodge itself in my chest

Heart racing in leaps

I turn

Back to counting sheep



6 thoughts on “Dreaming dragon

  1. Whenever I read your posts I feel like I see it from three or four different perspectives, likely none of which are those you were writing it from! Your words are beautiful and they always get me thinking.

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