Return to Sender

There are baskets that we carry

Deep in our midst

Full of the things

That belong to other people

Begin to unpack them

Return what doesn’t fit

Do the deep work

Become a cleaner

Of all those “other” things

10 thoughts on “Return to Sender

  1. I’m doing just that. Thank you for this beautiful affirmation. Your words are so perceptively in tune with humanity. And by the way, I’ll humbly admit I just finished #3 Audacity. It indeed was well-trimmed; yet, the stories of these amazing people pack a soul punch. I always enjoy learning about them. Stay safe, peaceful, and well. XOXO 💚

    • Hi Karla, Issue 4 is going to be another cracker, feel blessed to be talking to these amazing people each month. Glad you’re returning the baggage, I was listening to a podcast about it the other day – returning old stuff that doesn’t belong to us and reframing the past – it’s been an “aha” moment every time I find something – so little of our past is actually ours to fully own and worry about, it’s En-lightening 😊⭐️💕

      • I look forward to #4! Your words are spot-on. When I think back on the many events in my life, it’s the outcomes that have become the pieces that make the puzzle of me. Not the memory, not the person, not the situation,–but what I learned. Rather than be a “know-it-all” due to the many “situations” I’m a “learn-it-all”. Unfortunately, I learned the wrong way at times. And I put that baggage down indeed. But really love the results. I hope you have the best weekend. I’m patiently trying to await my move. I close in two weeks. The waiting is hard. And come December, my life is changing in a huge way. I’m giving myself the gift of time that I’ve never experienced. And I’m looking forward to seeing the results within myself and how I can best help others along the way. xoxo Karla

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