Lost in the wave

All that water

Crushing down

It doesn’t look heavy

Or feel it

As you swim through

But the further down you go

The greater the weight

Until the force becomes lethal

Time is like that too

Where we have come from

An unimaginable


When it is recalled

That this moment of your life

By comparison

Is that ant you trod on


And unaware

Seconds ago

*we are born and die within a tiny segment of this universe

And some spend the entire time in turmoil

Outraged at events and people

That will also be swept up and away


By the relentless wave of time

Why not instead

Relax and enjoy the swim?

6 thoughts on “Lost in the wave

  1. Aimed at my rants? Always feels like it. 🙂 Well, I did that. And I know your advice sounds good. But sometimes things are just wrong and doing nothing is wronger. It’s cowardly and it’s complacency. And it can be selfish, too. I’ve been way too selfish in the past taking things for granted. We need to leave the world a better place than we found it. Maybe both those things are possible? Maybe you can do what you can do to fix it and still find some measure of peace knowing you’ve done that? I don’t know if you can just withdraw and sit the fence your whole life. I hid my views from leftists since I was part of the literary community, knowing my views wouldn’t be accepted, though I accepted THEM for 30 years, of course, and loved quite a few of them, still thought they were talented at expressing things from their point of view. That is NOT returned, though. And this censorship and their “lists” are a threat to democracy in ways that nothing else is. Even their idiot policies.

    Still, I do LOVE reading your peaceful posts. They help me find a balance where I can do what I need to do and yet find an oasis in my mind where I can “relax.” Remind me. Thanks for doing it.

    • No Lyn not aimed at you at all. The entire world is in turmoil at present. I just read a wonderful book by Mark Manson entitled Everything is Fucked a book about hope…it’s excellent and another David Goggins Can’t hurt me – two brilliant books that have shifted my head space enormously. If anything my thinking is coming from that space not in response to anything in particular.
      I don’t aim my poetry at anyone but myself – these are my lessons, my thoughts. I’m glad you enjoy my poetry and experience it as being peaceful, it calms me to write that way because I get just stirred up as anyone else over the things of this world. I do what I can to change things as I believe only people can do. I don’t rate fence sitters but neither do I mistake them for people who value diplomacy and tact as ways to broker peace and change. I would hate to see subtlety and good manners go the way of commonsense and become super powers that only a few in society seem to have access to. I prefer to think of the world through the vast space time continuum because it gives me hope that we are not causing irreparable damage to both the human species and the planet at large.

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