Surrender vs Capitulation

Once you make the connection between feelings

And what you force yourself to carry around







Becoming aware of these stiff and difficult things in your body



You will see the choice

The way

The path

And set these awful feelings down

Everything that must be, can be done

Without carrying along



Toxic sounds

That jangle and scream in the head

Silence descends

And you can hold out a hand

That isn’t tarnished

And stained

By self righteousness

But extended in whole hearted helpfulness instead

*self is stumbling block for me – for anyone, hell, we all have to live with ourselves

When I see injustice I can feel the hot wind blow inside, fill me up with indignation

But I try really hard to open a window these days (and not my mouth) and let all that hot air blow right on out

I have to be careful, really careful that my words don’t come from some imagined place of higher ( “why I would never!”) and actually come from a better self, a quieter reflecting self – a real self

Therefore acting from a place of peace and not “I’m better”

Point being of course

Nobody is better than anyone else in this world, we have all reacted badly at times because we lack all the information or an ego that bites us and causes us to snap – humans are so damn human

Bring on AI


Perhaps instead of the nightmarish scenarios we have created where AI takes over the planet and makes humans redundant and wipes us out

Perhaps instead it will save us because let’s face it – with civil wars erupting, pollution and over consumerism not to mention a general lack of manners and compassion and an overwhelming social media algorithm bias that has now made truth itself doubtful..

Could AI really make such a hash of us?

A calming thoughtful considered intelligence that acts without the bias of ego or agenda?

An intelligence that truly acts in the best interests (being all the interests) of this ever shrinking global market that we share?

An intelligence that prevents wars and human suffering and finds solutions to all of the worlds problems and then instigates programs that actually work?

Because human intelligence is clearly not up to the monumental tasks that are before us – we need something capable of calculating at light speed and without personal interest or tribal associations

We need the next level of consciousness and we need it now

The only reason we are fearful of such an intelligence is that we are suspicious

We suspect that we are ourselves the cancer on the body of this world

And the cure may involve wiping us out

Then again – a higher intelligence, one not prone to knee jerk quick solutions – would probably find a cure to our cancer


Perhaps we should be hopeful

But if it doesn’t hurry up we will destroy ourselves and some idiot dictator with a chip on his shoulder will hit the nuke button ..

Even if AI does go rogue, at least it will give us a common enemy and a sense of urgency that is not misplaced instead of this constant anxiety that we are on the road to hell, when actually – life is pretty damn good for most people and gratitude and recognition of that isn’t such a bad way to start the day.

I liked Mark Manson’s theories on all of this and they gave me something to think about, his new book Everything is F&cked is a great read and contrary to the title yes, it is a book of hope.

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  1. I believe that we humans are “ourselves the cancer on the body of this world.” If we can’t attain “the next level of consciousness” in which we can perceive our oneness with Earth’s web of life, we will self-destruct, with or without AI.

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