Life isn’t personal – it just feels like that sometimes

Bubbles rarely come together

Blown in a stream they take off in a hundred different directions

One smacks into a cheek of a stranger

And busts

He smiles at the little girl blowing


United in a smile

Upside down bridges

We need more of them

Instead of people living

Selfish and frowning inwardly

Browbeating the world into some sort of ideal

That doesn’t happen

Because things are real

And we just have to deal with them

As they are

Constantly changing

Random as misdirected mail

Another persons name

Yet it came to me

Inexplicable – I pass it back

No big deal

Bird shit

Don’t take it personally


Isn’t personal

It just feels like it sometimes

5 thoughts on “Life isn’t personal – it just feels like that sometimes

  1. Beautifully explained the perspective of life. Let life flow and let us try to soak in every moment with wholesome thoughts. Let’s stay away from thoughts that fathom constant frowings for each other. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece.

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