The shape of females

I used to love circles

As shapes

They pleased me

Curving endlessly

Unstoppable in their resolution to resolve



Around and around

The line eternally looping back on itself

Which is of course

I see now

A tragedy

Instead I choose triangles

Sharply they soar

Even turned upside down

Or inside out

There is hope implied in the upward slant

I can take the dip


That once the pen hits that point

It will rise


13 thoughts on “The shape of females

  1. An interesting take on the circle and the triangle. I see the circle as perfection, oneness, and protection. The circle provides the symbolism for my second novel, The Twisted Circle.

    • Symbolism – the hieroglyphs of the subconscious, I don’t know maybe I view perfection as unattainable and revolved shapes as closed – probably passing thoughts that unfurl and don’t mean much after I’ve explored them.

  2. You had me with the title
    But then
    When it comes to your poetry
    I’m over easy
    Like free-wheeling spiral 😎

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