At this time of year

I can’t see the difference


Is so important

I have things in me

That belong to others

Meanwhile huge chunks of my own territory have melted through

And drifted away

I’m in the middling

Between one year and the next

Full moon thirtieth

In case I forget

There is tidying


A little solo cavorting

And long walks and thinking time

Audacity publishes 1st

And then, only then

Is it time to rejoin the human race again

In the meantime

I’m enjoying some soulful reflection

Apologies for the silences

The last few weeks have been glitchy

Sentences arrive half complete

And don’t seem to need endings

These quiet times are

I find


This year has bought huge changes




I’ve realised that magic is real

That anyone can have anything that they want

The important question being

“What do I want?”

It’s harder than you think

The contrast that Abraham (Hicks) speaks about

Things I thought I wanted

Turns out I didn’t

Things change

And new opportunity appears out of nowhere

The mind can be turned inside out

By the surprise arrival of something that formerly wasn’t even conceivable

Audacity Magazine published on the 1st – another issue out in the world. Grab your free copy below

6 thoughts on “At this time of year

  1. Words are your gift. In the simplest ways you can speak to so many. And this spoke to me. I briefly went through #5 and I always learn so much about the most amazing individuals. I need to dive back in and read some more. The layout, pictures, and the whole “ambiance” (I know most wouldn’t describe a magazine this way but Audacity is simply cool) is spectacular.
    I’m excited about the new year; and new opportunities and dreams. I’ve begun a self-paced writing course for kids. And have found a publisher friend in which to connect. I’m trying to organize all of this-physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don’t want to burn out or get frustrated (I tend to want things too fast at times and I know better from experience this can’t happen). My vision board was the first thing I have enjoyed. It’s not complete, but it’s a beautiful start. And I’m visualizing nothing but good. And for you too my friend.

    • Thanks Karla,
      Audacity is evolving, as am I. I’m learning a lot and speaking to individuals who inspire and teach me – that in itself is a valuable outcome.
      Vision boards are excellent as are writing everything down, I have things that I wrote about two years ago now coming true – I think ink on paper is a magical thing when combined with intention and vision. Xx

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