The shadows will fall to the ground

To ignore the things that don’t serve

And collapse their shadows

Formless to the ground

They lay flat

I walk on

Leaving shadows where they belong

On the ground

*this year I’m focusing on what I want and what inspires me. Problems and behaviours that don’t serve me (in myself or others) are being ignored.

We can spend a lifetime and a great deal of wasted energy on trying to “fix” all that is wrong with us and the world.

Unfortunately, the more we focus on what is wrong and what is not working the more we get of exactly that….

10 thoughts on “The shadows will fall to the ground

  1. I wonder if Mother Theresa and other people felt that way. I suspect your meaning isn’t exactly clear. There may be ways to address things wrong in the the most positive way possible, but ignoring it isn’t in the cards for me. I wish it were.

    • I’ve done the confronting I guess Elle, spent so much time on working on my flaws and past and perceived problems that I could write a Self help book on that journey alone. I’ve done “the work” but what I realised last year was that I was focusing too much on the negatives and trying to work on them – I didn’t seem to spend any time on playing to, acknowledging and in some cases uncovering new strengths. So for this year – this one year – I’m ignoring the flaws – I know what they are, been there worked on that – and instead, beginning to strengthen and add to the good that I have going on. I’m already finding so much momentum and growth from this simple switch that I believe it is exactly what I needed to do. What we focus on grows and what we don’t pay attention to shrivels. There comes a point when you know yourself well enough – we know our limits and shadowy places, but do we know the full capacity of our potential and light?

      • Perhaps you should write the book. Thank you for the time to explain, Kate. I know last year you peeled back many layers.
        Enjoy the light!!! 😊💙

  2. Amen to that! My thoughts exactly, I am moving onward as well! Leaving people and their crap behaviour to themselves.

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